Particle Filter

The Particle Filter project developed by me and my friends in the Bratsk State University with a support of candidate of technical sciences Denis Gorokhov.

We would like to convey special thanks to Tim Gittos. This programmer has developed the script Ā«Global Localization with Particle FiltersĀ».

In addition, we were inspired by the lessons of artificial intelligence on the site Udacity.

Realization of the code of Tim in the virtual space was our purpose. To better understanding how the robot could move in the virtual space by using particle filter. The first step we chose the development environment in which we can operate. Finally, we chose the Unity. However, the most interesting thing is that the code was written by Tim in Python, and has the implicit typification. Creating a project in Unity by C# language we had to rewrite the code from Python to C# and also transform it in a clearly typified code.

All process in this video:

We really hope that we didn’t made mistakes in programming and properly understood what Tim Gittos meant. We developed this project only for own pleasure.

And we hope that you enjoy it.

With best regards – IG: Anton Bondin Alex Provotorov Danil Kazachkov Alexey Khlystov Click here to read the post...