Render when idle

Blender addon: Render when idle

You dream to be able to pause Blender animation render?
Your GPU rendering take away too many PC’s resources?
You would like to use computer and don’t stop render manually?
Your dream comes true!

“Render when idle” is an addon for Blender that can start render animation when OS is idle (the mouse is inactive)

Render when idle don’t support Linux and OS X for now!
Please, try to install PyAutoGUI on OS X or Linux manually!
More: https://pyautogui.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html
Note! This addon doesn’t pause rendering process!

This addon stops rendering via pyautogui module if Blender detects mouse activity or continue it if Blender detects mouse inactivity

How it works:

1) After click the Render button the addon will start waiting when the mouse will be inactive
2) Render will start if Blender detects mouse inactivity within 3 seconds
3) Render will be stopped if Blender detects mouse activity
4) Render will be continued from the stop frame if Blender detects mouse inactivity again
5) Render will be not started if mouse will be placed on Blender window edge
6) To stop the addon make it “not watching” (click corresponding button)
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