Crystallographic defects


Crystalline solids exhibit a periodic crystal structure. The positions of atoms or molecules occur on repeating fixed distances, determined by the unit cell parameters. However, the arrangement of atoms or molecules in most crystalline materials is not perfect. The regular patterns are interrupted by crystallographic defects.

Three-dimensional macroscopic or bulk defects,
such as pores, cracks, inclusions


high-magnification optical micrograph showing intergranular cracks with characteristic
manganese sulfide and oxide inclusions in the crack path of a section
across the radial cracks in the heat-treated part
Hydrogen Embrittlement Cracking in a Batch of Steel Forgings


cracks and inclusions bulk defects in 3d, created via BLC Blender addon

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Bravais Lattices Creator alpha version

Blender addon: Bravais Lattices Creator (BLC)

This research is being done under financial support of the Government of Russian Federation (Ministry of Education and Science) in the limit of the complex project № 927.

This work is devoted to creation of static atomic model of two surfaces in contact at electric diamond grinding: single-points diamond and material grinded of them. At the heart of the work there are issues of computer visualization of these surfaces at the molecular level, since traditional mathematical description does not possess sufficient visualization to demonstrate some aspects of the atomic tribology of metal cutting to simultaneously occurring the different, by their physical nature, processes. And in the electric diamond grinding blends effect of several processes simultaneously: mechanical, electrical and electrochemical. So the modeling technique proposed by authors is still the only way to see what is happening at the atomic level, cutting material of single-point diamond.


The BLC:

BLC is an addon for Blender that can create a Bravais lattice from particles system.

BLC can create a Bravais lattice any size (0.1 – 20 nm) and any forms.
For the time being the BLC can create next lattices: C, Fe, V, Mo, VC, FeCr (two surfaces in contact at electric diamond grinding almost always consist of these molecules, in the future will be more molecules).
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