Renamer – object to properties

Blender addon: Renamer – object to properties

Renamer is an addon for Blender that can help you transfer names faster.
Renamer can transfer data names to object name and back.


How to use:

1) install Renamer addon on the Add-ons tab in the Blender User Preferences from downloaded archive;
2) enable Renamer addon;
3) create an object;
4) go to the Properties area (Data, Material or Texture);
5) use Renamer panel.


1) Name to object – transfer (Data, Material or Texture) name to object name
2) Name to data – transfer object name to data name
3) Name to texture – transfer object name to texture name
4) Name to material – transfer object name to material name
5) Name to particle system – transfer object name to particle system name
6) Single-user copy – make a single-user copy of data before transfer



Example of workflow:

You can download the addon here:
Download Renamer addon for Blender